The Next Album

(Photo credit: Felix Cheung)

I’m currently in the studio writing my new album, for release at the end of the year!

The pressures of Hong Kong life have kept me from doing much music if any at all, but this album’s always been at the back of my mind. Many have been saying to me, “Damn it Alex, when are you going to write more music – you need more goals for this stuff! I’m sick of listening to the same damn songs!” Oddly enough, it’s quite humbling and motivating to hear people say that. I’ve been writing bits and bobs – now I’ve just got to weave it all together.

Recently, I’ve been trapped in my bedroom due to food poisoning (“ALEX, IS IT MERS?!”). I’ve taken this time in between my Panadol fever delusions to set some lofty music goals for myself and the next album. I plan to post more about the album making process in this blog to keep me on track. I also think it’d be interesting to take you through the creative to demo to finished song process. Sometimes the song sounds exactly the same throughout (see: great inspiration), sometimes a hundred things change during the process to make the song sound completely different (see: great team talent and studio work).

Much love and thanks for all your support!


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