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Interactive HK MTR Map

The best bits of Hong Kong require some digging and often lie outside of the modern-day city comforts of Hong Kong. I’m always been surprised when I take local friends to try something in Hong Kong that seem like must do things if you’re not from here, and they’re like, “Oh, I didn’t know you could find this here!” At the same time, there are many that others that bring me places that surprise and captivate me.

Hong Kong is a rapidly changing city, in almost every sense of the word “change,” whether cultural, political, physical, etc. It’s an unusual feeling of “big” and “small”. In a few more decades, Hong Kong will only contain shades of its former British colonial heritage.

I hope to do my best to place Hong Kong in a time capsule at this moment in time while I’m here. There are over 7 million people in Hong Kong and if you only draw a small circle of influence, you really miss a lot of the flavours and identities available in this city.

My goal is to have something to write about using as many MTR stops as possible as reference points and I hope this helps provide some context to what Hong Kong really represents.