Seafood Dinner in Tuen Mun (屯門) at Hing Kee Restaurant (興記)

Hing Kee (興記) Roasted Meat and Seafood Restaurant
Shop 2, G/F, Cooked Food Plaza, Sam Shing Estate, Tuen Mun, 2458-8637

After cajoling us for weeks, my friend finally got a group of us to trek out to Tuen Mun in New Territories – which is pretty far from Hong Kong Island – for a very hyped seafood dinner. We were not disappointed. It was another reminder that many of Hong Kong’s best spots require a bit of effort from those seeking to get the most out of the city. Definitely worth a visit.

Tuen Mun’s plaza functions essentially as a cooked food, al fresco seafood dining area. Fresh seafood is caught daily, and sold by the numerous fish mongers stalls that line the streets. There are rows and rows of aquariums. You can find everything here: shrimp, crabs, lobster, fish that look like Nemo, seahorse, abalone, razor clams, etc. You take your purchases to another area of restaurants, where, for a service charge, they provide a couple dish styles for you and quickly make something incredibly fresh with your chosen seafood, hot to order.

I’m pretty sure they’ve got great seafood everywhere, but the atmosphere is what really makes this place and dining experience special. It’s a really nice touch to be able to see and choose all your own ingredients and it definitely connects you with the entire dining experience. Add to that the excitement, hustle and bustle of hundreds of other diners around you doing the same thing and you get an incredibly warm and social atmosphere. The fact that everyone is busy customizing their own dinner means that most likely, no two dining experiences will be exactly the same. This means the company that you bring matters, as it changes everything on your plate.

We chose to eat at Hing Kee, which is actually more well known for its roasted goose, but a very famous Tuen Mun dining spot nonetheless. For each dish that came out, we celebrated with a beer “Cheers!” It was probably the best seafood dinner I’ve ever had in Hong Kong. The entire meal was great, but I think we all agreed the Mantis Shrimp were the stars of the show. It was like eating the freshest shrimp you can find, but because they’re so big, each bite felt like you were eating a lobster instead, due to the sheer volume of meat.

Slightly buzzed, we took the LRT back to the MRT and then back to Hong Kong Island. Being out in Tuen Mun made me fully realize the majority of Hong Kongers live in the New Territories. Walls and walls of skyscrapers, malls and people passed us as we headed back to the MRT station. You get a good sense of where most of the 7.2 million people in Hong Kong are living.

Great times with some incredible people. I’m definitely looking forward to more seafood adventures this summer.

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