Hong Kong MTR Station Series: Central (中環)

This series aims to take readers through the subway stations of Hong Kong. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR), has about 86 major railway stations in all, and is one of the most profitable rail systems in the world. On average, the railway serves about 5 million trips in Hong Kong, daily. Each station represents a microcosm of life. People in Hong Kong visit or live in a particular area because of many factors, including financial, convenience, status, profession, geography, etc. In consequence, people coming and going in the stations are often a reflection of what the location provides. This series serves to pay homage to the many walks of life that call Hong Kong home.

Central is the business and financial district of Hong Kong and is historically the administrative and military centre of Hong Kong, shortly after Hong Kong’s establishment as a city in 1841 by the British. All the international financial service headquarters, major global corporations and key players of the business world are proud to call Central their home, largely due to its relative convenience in location, network effects and prestige. The station itself serves as a connecting point for the rest of Hong Kong’s stations, islands and attractions, making Central an apt name for the area, given its significance. The buildings in the area also serve as the centrepiece of one of the most admired skylines in the world.

People moving through Central Station reflect the non-stop, hustler attitude of Hong Kong’s predominantly white collar, international crowd. You’ll quickly notice that red is the predominant colour of the station, to help codify its place in the system. Throughout the station, you’ll hear businessmen chattering loudly on their cellphones, people walking impossibly fast, masters of the universe who dramatize their seemingly crucial conversations in several different languages. Within Central also sits the heart of Hong Kong’s nightlife. On the weekends and evenings after work, people come out here to play, trading in their formal suits for sharp, sexy and expensive couture, imbibing on an endless flow of drinks.

The heart of a city never stops beating.

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