Hong Kong MTR Station Series: Choi Hung (彩虹)

This series aims to take readers through the subway stations of Hong Kong. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR), has about 86 major railway stations in all, and is one of the most profitable rail systems in the world. On average, the railway serves about 5 million trips in Hong Kong, daily. Each station represents a microcosm of life. People in Hong Kong visit or live in a particular area because of many factors, including financial, convenience, status, profession, geography, etc. In consequence, people coming and going in the stations are often a reflection of what the location provides. This series serves to pay homage to the many walks of life that call Hong Kong home.

The Choi Hung MTR station is named after Choi Hung Estate (彩虹邨), one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong (1962) which houses over 43,000 people. It’s rumoured that the government painted it like this to make the people living there happier… from what I saw, I think it worked!

The estate has won a couple design awards, and in the 60’s was a regular stop for dignitaries, including Richard Nixon, Princess Margaret and Princess Alexandra.

Choi Hung means rainbow in Cantonese. Not sure if that set something up for me subconsciously, but I noticed the photos that I took from this area have a lot more colour in them than usual. You don’t really come out this way unless you live in the area, but lately, the colourful courts and backdrops have become somewhat popular for Hong Kong photoshoots and on Instagram.


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