Hong Kong MTR Station Series: Ho Man Tin (何文田)

This series aims to take readers through the subway stations of Hong Kong. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR), has about 86 major railway stations in all, and is one of the most profitable rail systems in the world. On average, the railway serves about 5 million trips in Hong Kong, daily. Each station represents a microcosm of life. People in Hong Kong visit or live in a particular area because of many factors, including financial, convenience, status, profession, geography, etc. In consequence, people coming and going in the stations are often a reflection of what the location provides. This series serves to pay homage to the many walks of life that call Hong Kong home.

Ho Man Tin is a new station, just opened in October 2016 and a new addition to the green Kwun Tong line. There’s nothing particularly special about the area of Ho Man Tin, unless you’re a well-to-do family looking for a new, upmarket residence. In this case, Ho Man Tin is a fast developing neighbourhood in Central Kowloon that you might be considering, due to its proximity to several prestigious schools, including Diocesan, La Salle, Maryknoll Convent School, King George V School (KG5), American International and the Australian International, among others.

About a 15 minute walk away is a restaurant that’s famous as a set piece for the HK cinema cult classic, Infernal Affairs (無間道), which would later inspire Martin Scorsese to create another excellent movie, The Departed. The restaurant is hidden away in an alleyway, a literal “hole in the wall,” with parts of the eating establishment having no roof and only two walls. However, do check it out if you can, as the amazing seafood makes it a must try spot, especially if you’re looking for a particular Hong Kong syndicate nostalgia and atmosphere.


鴻福海鮮四季火鍋 (Hong Fook Seasons Seafood Hotpot)
Address: 土瓜灣落山道86號地下巷內

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