Hiking in Hong Kong: MacLehose Trail Stage 1 & 2

Another weekend, another hike!

MacLehose Trail Stage 2 (from Long Ke to Pak Tam Au) is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the MacLehose Trails. While the weather didn’t make it the most picturesque day for hiking – featuring heavy overcast and some misty rain – it ended up cooling us down for some of the more intense parts of Stage 2.

The hike started with breakfast at a random Cha Chaan Teng in Sai Kung. For some of the less weight-conscious consumers (aka, only me) it also included a stop at Hot Star Fried Chicken (mm…), a famous fried chicken chain that originated in Taipei’s famous, Shilin Night Market.

Getting to Sai Kung from Hong Kong Island takes a bit of time, so for anyone planning to go, make sure you give yourself an hour or two in your timeline to get there by MTR and bus. Stage 1 is a bit dull for the more advanced hiker (though there are still some great moments, like the High Island Reservoir) but it’s a great way to warm up your legs and add some extra distance to your hike.

Stage 2 is where the fun really starts, with some nice up hill sections that lead to some VERY impressive mountain views. It’s like you’re working for some environment eye candy! Up one hill and you come across some very impressive white sand beaches. Over another hill and you’re at a remote village where you can stop to enjoy some peace and quiet, all while sipping on some fresh coconut juice as payment for your troubles.

Halfway through Stage 2, with time running out (we had not factored in that some of us had dinner plans to make), we took a rather “aggressive” boat ride shortcut back to Sai Kung. Sai Kung Village is known for its fresh fish and delicious waterside restaurants, so if you’re out hiking that way, you should end your hike in the evening with a great seafood feast in Sai Kung!

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