5 Things I Expect from a Mobile-first World

Go to any digital conference, there are a number of buzz words mentioned about 1,814,914,109^10 times before the day is up.


The Master.

Rage Guy


They are important topics, of course, but I find much of the actionable insight is usually lost in a speaker’s Troy-esque requirement to inspire.

I wanted to write about 5, non-technical jargon things I wish my mobile phone could do before throwing my laptop off a bridge to make my life truly mobile first.

1. Mobile Payments

We’ve been talking about the switch over now for decades. The fact that we still have to lug around metal and plastic, while having to collect paper receipts makes it evident that we still having simplified enough or created the trust to replace a “physical standard.”

One of the organizations that exemplifies great adoption of mobile payments is Starbucks. 11% of Starbucks purchases are made through mobile wallet payments in the US, yet it can still be a hassle to order a coffee in front of someone using the system.

Okay, pull your phone closer... further away... closer... you're out of credit.

Okay, pull your phone closer… further away… closer… you’re out of credit.

2. Long form Social / Blog Update Capability

Mobile is supposed to replace most things but most organizations invent platforms for the short term. 150 character tweets, one-touch sharing, thumb feedback. I believe in ease of use, but some tasks are meant to take longer than 6 seconds, and for some applications, they should beware to not equate “ease of use” with “less time.” Developers seem to enjoy catering to our ever-shortening attention spans.

I really wish I could update this blog on my phone. Anyone developing anything for that?

3. Online Banking

Why do all online banking web interfaces look like they were made before the year 2000, and why do many of them not have a mobile option? Boggles the mind.

No one should have to bank like this.

No one should have to bank like this.

4. Online Dating Apps

A swipe-functional finger, perfectly photoshopped photograph, and concocted profile summary are all you need to be successful for online dating in this modern age.

Online dating began as a way to branch out your dating and contact pool. It went from being the most taboo thing to talk about to people sitting around with drinks nonchalantly discussing Tinder date experiences.

Mobile apps have moved on from broadening the relationship base to curating a select group of people. Are they smart? Are they rich, old, married dudes looking for young and beautiful women? Are they rich and Chinese? Are they LGBTG? What’s the right way of connecting people? I still believe we’re inherently bad at guessing what we want or what makes us happy, so offline still trumps for me.

5. Shattering Phone Screens

Every year, a new version of “Gorilla Glass” comes out, where it’s supposed to be 50x harder than the previous iteration. So why is it my screen still shatters worse than Hollywood candy glass in an action film every damn time?!

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